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Rocco Rock Matta, Sgt. Jason Burchard and Sgt. I left the old terms in here for the old Warriors to chuckle at. A ABDUs. Army Fuc Dress Uniforms.

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A Marine Rifleman.

Assume the Position. Also called a Bush Tux. Mission Objective. A jeep like-vehicle used by U!

The woman who gave birth for Hitler

O O Dark Hundred. L LAV. In shrinker speak it means, Fighting Machine. Thermite Grenade. Steel Rain.

Soldier Videos

One of the two most useful and often used words in the vast Marine vocabulary. Dry-firing cuute weapon, something driving you crazy. Said before you ask a question on the radio. To move out on a mission. A full length rifle with the M Grenade Launcher. Incoming support, or paying attention. Ghillie Suit.

Your under ware. Puss Nuts. A new expression for breaking down emotionally. Means staying alert. Meaning to be deployed in a Combat Zone.

Oscar Lookihg. Camel pack? Also, cleared to drop ordnance bombs to make our enemies meet Jesus.

Everybody is the bad guy. Brain Fart. The M Automatic Rifle. Also someone fufk to a sniper platoon who is slayed like a pig when he screws up.

Chris Evans Knew What He Was Doing When He Did This!

The Loo,ing. To evacuate a casualty. A heavy vest that might. Using the toilet or taking a dump.

Outside the wire. Pronounced hoss-till.