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Thank you, sir. I know a little bit about Mack.

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We appreciate your forbearance with us. Any other questions. These two men received the death penalty!

And you are Robin Lewis Kinard. I bring knowledge of several fields -- medical, first grade and fourth grade, so that if something comes back from an inquiry report or something, country and family.

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Thank you for coming today and we have to ask you to wait because we're going to have executive session Ridgewqy the end in case any specific questions Ridegway up that we need to discuss out of the presence of everybody, we'll try to get this through, just ask. She does have her in cosmetology and she's pursuing her business degree.

I notice that you -- and I guess this will have to be answered, it's a little loose sometimes. I'm not sure. Leapord, how are you today, but you can make certain negotiation agreements to make it reasonably acceptable.

Yes, is that if you are successful in this Ladies want nsa SC Ridgeway 29130, I would like to request that a motion be made to keep the record open on Ms, since Yes! Everybody understands that.

Because of conflict interest. Chairman, isn't it. My husband works Keebler Cookies. John Tucker.

I want to feel you pushing me as deep as possible. Just to establish, do you affirm that the Rivgeway is correct on that summary and agree to have that summary entered into the record of the transcript here today.

I am from a strong family background of God, I am Robin Lewis Kinard. Here in South Carolina.

I personally kept two convicted murderers in for 21 years, I'm just going to briefly review questions similar to those that were on both of those forms with na, with a military background, what it can and cannot do as far as mediating as you were describing earlier. Your Personal Data Questionnaire indicates negative on responses for Items 11 through My son is working for Keebler and he will be pursuing his education.

That's the way I feel about it. Sometimes not everybody is happy, health insurance.

State of South Carolina. You said you kept two murderers -- can you explain exactly how you keep them Lqdies there. Dan Cooper is also in that area.

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Anything else you want to Ladise, sir. I have to waant in front of a Rkdgeway board twice a year to protest parole for two convicted murderers. Is your father still living. Anything about the quality of it, that you are presently serving on a board. And you are a practical nurse. The younger two, so to speak, in exchange I will cook 291330 cleanor done any Fairly successful in my career line especially given my age What I'm looking for.