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Tom Waits

     'Til the money runs out
     16 shells from a thirty-ought-six
     9th and Hennepin
     A sight for sore eyes
     Anywhere I lay my head
     Bad liver and a broken heart
     Barber shop
     Big Black Mariah
     Blind love
     Blue valentines
     Burma Shave
     Cemetery polka
     Clap hands
     Cold, cold ground
     Diamonds and gold
     Diamonds on my windshield
     Down, down, down
     Downtown train
     Drunk on the moon
     Foreign affair
     Frank's wild years
     Fumblin' with the blues
     Gin soaked boy
     Grapefruit moon
     Gun Street girl
     Hang down your head
     Heartattack and vine
     I can't wait to get off work
     I hope that I don't fall in love with you
     I never talk to strangers
     I wish I was in New Orleans
     Ice cream man
     In the neighborhood
     Innocent when you dream
     Invitation to the blues
     Jersey girl
     Jitterbug boy
     Jockey full of bourbon
     Johnsburg, Illinois
     Little drop of poison
     Little trip to heaven (On your wings of love)
     Medley: Jack & Neal / California, here I come
     Midnight lullaby
     Mr. Siegel
     New coat of paint
     Ol' 55
     Old shoes (And picture postcards)
     On the nickel
     Pasties and a G-string
     Please call me, baby
     Potter's field
     Rain dogs
     Ruby's arms
     San Diego serenade
     Saving all my love for you
     Shiver me timbers
     Shore leave
     Small change
     Soldier's things
     Step right up
     Strange weather
     Tango 'til they're sore
     The ghosts of Saturday night
     The heart of Saturday night
     The one that got away
     The piano has been drinking (not me)
     Tom Traubert's blues
     Town with no cheer
     Train song
     Trouble's braids
     Union Square
     Virginia Avenue
     Walking Spanish
     Yesterday is here
     You can never hold back spring

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