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Red Hot Chili Peppers

     Animal bar
     Baby appeal
     Behind the sun
     Breaking the girl
     Buckle down
     By the way
     Can't stop
     Dani California
     Fight like a brave
     Fortune faded
     Funky crime
     Get up and jump
     Give it away
     Green heaven
     Hump de bump
     Love trilogy
     Mommy, where's daddy?
     My & my friends
     My friends
     No chump love sucker
     Organic anti-beat box band
     Police helicopter
     Road trippin'
     Save the population
     Scar tissue
     She's only 18
     Skinny sweaty man
     Slow cheetah
     Snow (Hey oh)
     Stadium Arcadium
     Subterranean homesick blues
     Suck my kiss
     Tell me baby
     The Zephyr song
     Torture me
     True men don't kill coyotes
     Under the bridge
     Venice Queen
     Walkin' on down the road
     Why don't you love me
     You always sing

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