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     A kind of magic
     A winter's tale
     Another one bites the dust
     Bicycle race
     Bohemian rhapsody
     Calling all girls
     Crazy little thing called love
     Death on two legs (Dedicated to...)
     Don't stop me now
     Friends will be friends
     Hammer to fall
     Heaven for everyone
     I want it all
     I want to break free
     I was born to love you
     I'm going slightly mad
     In my defence
     Killer Queen
     Living on my own
     Love kills
     No-one but you (Only the good die young)
     One vision
     Radio ga ga
     Somebody to love
     The great pretender
     The invisible man
     The miracle
     The show must go on
     These are the days of our lives
     Too much love will kill you
     Under pressure
     We are the champions
     We will rock you
     Who wants to live forever
     You don't fool me
     You're my best friend

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