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Pink - "Get the party started" Wersja do druku

I'm coming up so you better get this party started..
(I'm coming up you'd better)
I'm coming up so you better get this party started

Get this party started on a Saturday night
Everybody's waitin' for me to arrive
Sendin' out the message to all of my friends
We'll be lookin' flashy in my Mercedes Benz
I got lots of style, check my gold diamond rings
I can go for miles if you know what I mean!


Pumpin' up the volume, breakin' down to the beat
Cruisin' through the westside we'll be checkin the scene
Boulevard is freakin' as I'm comin' up fast
I'll be burnin' rubber, you'll be kissin' my ass
Pull up to the bumper, get out of the car
Licence plate sez 'Stunner, #1 Superstar

Get this party started

Makin' a connection as I enter the room
Everybody's chillin' as I set up the groove
Pumpin' up the volume with this brand new beat
Everybody's dancin' and they're dancin' for me
I'm your operator you can call anytime
I'll be your connection to the party line

(Chorus x2)

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