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Moulin Rouge - soundtrack - "The hills are alive..." Wersja do druku

Christian: The hills are alive
with the sound of music...

The Argentinian: The hills are alive with the sound of music... I LOVE it!"

Christian: ...with songs they have sung
For a thousand years!

Tolouse: Brilliant! Maybe you and Audry should write the show together.

Christian: (saying as he writes) But that was not what Audry wanted to hear.

Audry: (slamming the door) Goodbye!!

Tolouse:Let's celebrate... for your first job in Paris!

The green fairy: I'm the green fairy...
(singing) The hills are alive
With the sound of music!
(With the sound of music... The children of the revoloution!)

Christian, Tolouse, etc:
Yeah, freedom... beauty...truth...and love!!

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