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     10 or a 2-way
     Ass itch
     Ball tongue
     Break some off
     Coming undone
     Counting on me
     Deep inside
     Did my time
     Everything I've known
     For no one
     Getting off
     Good God
     Helmet in the bush
     Here it comes again
     Here to stay
     I'm done
     Kill you
     Let's do this now
     Love song
     Mr. Rogers
     Need to
     No one's there
     No place to hide
     Open up
     Play me
     Porno creep
     Right now
     Seen it all
     Shoots and ladders
     Slept so long
     Throw me away
     Twist [lyrics version]
     Twist [scat version]
     Twisted transistor
     When will this end
     Y'all want a single

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