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Jason Donovan

     All I wanna do is make you mine
     Another night
     Any dream will do
     Careless talk and silly lies
     Change your mind
     Especially for you
     Every day (I love you more)
     Fool such as I
     Hang on to your love
     Happy together
     Hard to say it's over
     I guess she never loved me
     I’m doing fine
     If I don't have you
     Just call me up
     Like it was yesterday
     Love would find a way
     Nothing can divide us
     Question of pride
     Rhythm of the rain
     Sealed with a kiss
     Story of my life
     Time heals
     Too late to say goodbye
     Too many broken hearts
     When I get you alone
     When it's all over
     When you come back to me
     Wrap my arms around you
     You can depend on me

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