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Futureheads, The - "Danger of the water" Wersja do druku

The beginning of the disaster was difficult to spot
The speed of your reaction was to slow to make a difference
Far to slow to make it stop

You got everything together,
You sailed it down the river
You said it was relaxing
Then you disappeared forever

I can not remember,
The times we were together
Perhaps it's just the water,
Pulling both of us under

Now there's nothing by the river,
But your washed up umbrella
Not enough to make a difference,
Not enough to make it stop

It cut through the water as we watched it getting closer
And you said that it would soon fall down the drain
You said it didn't matter but then that is you all over
And the danger of the water meant it wasn't worth the bother

Danger danger water water
Danger danger water water
Danger danger water water
Danger danger water

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