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Bon Jovi

     Bad medicine
     Bed of roses
     Bells of Freedom
     Born to be my baby
     Diamond ring
     Have a nice day
     Hearts breaking even
     I am
     I don't want to live forever
     I wanna be loved
     I'll be there for you
     If that's what it takes
     It's my life
     Just older
     Keep the faith
     Last cigarette
     Last man standing
     Lay your hands on me
     Lie to me
     Livin' on a prayer
     Never say goodbye
     Next 100 years
     Say it isn't so
     Someday i'll be Saturday night
     Something to believe in
     Story of my life
     Thank you for loving me
     The distance
     These days
     Two story town
     Wanted dead or alive
     Welcome to wherever you are
     Who says you can't go home?
     You give love a bad name

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